2015-11-28: DR650
I replaced the stock H4 bulb on my DR650 with a LED Module to free up 25 watts that can be applied to the heated gear power budget.
2015-11-24: R1200GSW
I finished the 24K service with an oil and final drive fluid change. The bike is ready to go for another 6000 miles.
2015-11-24: R1200GSW
Part two of my 24k service – brakes have been flushed and misc items checked.
2015-11-23: R1200GSW
I started the 24,000 mile service on my GS by checking the valves and a few other things.
2015-11-22: Riders Gallery
It’s almost Thanksgiving. Nice day for a ride as long as you can avoid the idiots on the road.
2015-11-15: SMBC
Riders Gallery update
2015-11-12: MWR
A mid-week ride on the roads Chris likes best under blue (but cool) sky took place today. Very few words and some pictures at the link.
2015-11-09: SMBC
Added scans of a few found photos from ‘86 and ‘92
2015-11-07: MWR
Mid-week ride called for 11/12/2015 (weather permitting)

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