2014-04-23: R69S
Installing the new pistons and re-bored cylinders in my R69S.
2014-04-22: R69S
Installing the replacment timing gear and the re-ground camshaft in my R69S.
2014-04-19: R69S
I picked up the repaired cam this week.
2014-04-17: SMBC
SMBC Death Valley trip report, pictures, and a short video snippet.
2014-04-06: SMBC
Nice ride after breakfast on a beautiful spring day.
2014-04-01: other
More espresso machine repairs. After almost 10 years the pump stopped pumping. I installed a replacement pump today.
mailing lists on have been replaced by google groups.
smbc: subscribe at!forum/smbc-mail
mwr: subscribe at!forum/mwr-mail
2014-03-23: SMBC
Getting Fred’s Norton International started the first time post restoration was a group effort, even if most of the group stood around and watched.
2014-03-22: R1200GSW
New tires for the new bike.


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