2014-11-09: SMBC
A picture of Eureka Canyon Rd. Or maybe it was Highland Way. It was the road four riders took on the back road route between Morgan Hill and Alice’s. Don’t know what happened to the others who said they were going to follow.

If you have any comments about or suggested changes to the SMBC proposed 2015 schedule send them to the SMBC mailing list. The schedule will be finalized about the first of December.

2014-10-20 MWR
Seven riders went to Santa Cruz for lunch on the pier. WWWobble led. Chris complained about the route. Details in the report.
2014-10-26 DR650SE
A added an SAE connector at the cockpit of my DR650. It is connected to a switched power plug that Suzuki left unused in the wiring bundle above the headlight.
2014-10-23: SMBC
Those who use desktop or smartphone calendar apps can now download the schedule data in a form suitable for importing into your app. I import the data as a calendar named “SMBC” to keep it separate. Here is the 2014 data (ICS file). It’s nice to be able to answer the “where is breakfast next week” question with a glance at the calendar on my phone.
2014-10-20: SMBC
Pictures taken during an after breakfast ride Chris and Bob took.
2014-10-17: SMBC
The SMBC fall ride to Death Valley was last weekend. Pictures from some of the attendees plus a report from Alberto have been posted to the SMBC section.
2014-10-07: DR650SE
Test ride and an oil change completes the first service tasks for my DR650.
2014-10-06: DR650SE
I started the 600 mile service on my DR650 a few miles early. While the tank was off the bike I partially destroyed the handlebar holders while installing bar risers.
2014-10-02: DR650SE
The DR650 gets an adjustable throttle lock
2014-10-01: DR650SE
I mounted a windshield on my DR650.
2014-09-30: DR650SE
The tail bag I ordered yesterday arrived. It’s on the bike.
2014-09-30: SMBC
Jerry M. sends words and pictures of the SMBC weekend ride to Fort Bragg.

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Marc w/Hana, 2014

Marc w/Hana, 2014

Marc w/Hana, 2014
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