2015-10-02: MWR
Ride report and pictures from Chris plus more pictures from Alberto and Paul.
2015-09-30: GeoTag
GeoTag 3.5 released with support for OS X 10.11 El Capitan
2015-09-26: SMBC
Lots and lots of pictures from Alberto, Carl, Marc, Markus, and Randy from the annual Sequoia National Park campout. Words from Randy and a page dedicated to the lots and lots of words from Alberto :)
2015-09-14: R1200GSW
New rubber on the rear of my GS.
2015-09-05: SMBC
Marc shows off his combo lock picking skills.
2015-09-04: SMBC
Alberto’s Gardnerville trip report and pictures.
2015-09-03: SMBC
Part of what will be a full trip report for the Gardnerville ride. I posted the pictures taken by myself and others while waiting for Alberto to provide pictures that go with the report he sent. I’ll post his report when I get his pictures.

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Marc, 2015

Marc, 2015

Marc, 2015
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