2014-04-19: SMBC
Many riders at the Two Bird Cafe this morning. Most did not ride from Burlingame.
2015-04-14: SMBC
Ride report: the spring (not a) ride to Death Valley
2015-04-08: GeoTag
GeoTag version 3.3 released. This versions adds a search field to center the map on a named location.
2015-04-01: MWR
Three fools on a hastily called ride to Lunch at Phil’s in Moss Landing.
2015-03-27: R1200GS
Pictures and a write-up of the 18,000 mile service on my ‘13 R1200GS. I also mounted a new front tire.
2015-03-26: SMBC
Lots of words and pictures from the three day ride three riders took looping through Sequoia Park.
2015-03-22: SMBC
SMBC Riders Gallery update: Livermore and Mt Hamilton.
2015-03-21: Photography
Images from the second roll of film taken with the [RB67]*pics/rb67/). The goal was to play with exposure settings and see how well the camera, film, and processing handle various settings. Still a lot to learn. A few of the images came out nice.
2015-03-20: MWR
So much happened on the Mid-Week ride Wednesday that it took two days to write the report. Hint: Water crossing, two-up riding, U-haul, bald tires, etc. Words and pics from Alberto. Updated with pics from Chris before his camera broke.

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Marc w/Hana, 2014

Marc w/Hana, 2014

Marc w/Hana, 2014
ISO 100   f/5.0   1/60   0 ev   35.0mm

Marco S. (Marc) Hyman