2014-09-30: SMBC
Jerry M. sends words and pictures of the SMBC weekend ride to Fort Bragg.
2014-09-29: DR650SE
I mounted a Dirtracks luggage rack to my dr650 this afternoon.
2014-09-27: SMBC
SMBC trip report: Randy and his wive spent several weeks riding the Alps.
2014-09-26: GeoTag
Version 3.1 released. Same as version 3.0 but with the ability to resize the table, image, and map panes.
2014-09-24: DR650SE
Yesterday evening a delivery man left a new saddle at my front door. This morning the post office delivered a box from ProCycle. This afternoon I was busy installing a bash plate, lowered foot pegs, and the Sargent saddle.
2014-09-22: DR650SE
I disliked the stock mirrors on the dr650 enough to order replacements the same afternoon I brought the bike home. They arrived today.
2014-09-20: DR650SE
The DR650 clutch wasn’t adjusted very well as delivered; no free play. I corrected that today.
2014-09-19: DR650SE
Add a pigtail for heated gear and wire up the tiny-tach that’s been sitting in my toolbox for a long time.
2014-09-17: DR650SE
Tomorrow there will be a new bike in the garage.
2014-09-16: MWR
There was a mid-week ride last Wednesday. Three riders, I believe. The report that came with the ride pictures was quite brief.
2014-09-15: SMBC
Rob joined Tom and Marc for the last night of a three night SMBC campout in Sequoia National Park. Trip report with route maps and a few pictures.
2014-09-08: R69S
The last entry to my R69S pages. The bike has been delivered to its new owner.
2014-09-08: R69S
2014-09-04: R69S
Sale pending.
2014-09-02: R69S
My white 1966 R69S is for sale with lots of extras/goodies.


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Marc w/Hana, 2014

Marc w/Hana, 2014

Marc w/Hana, 2014
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