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GeoTag is a simple user interface that displays an image and a (Google) map. You can note where the picture was taken by clicking on the map or dragging an existing location marker from one position to another. When you save your changes the image meta-data is updated with the assigned, changed, or deleted geo-location information. The update is performed by the program ExifTool. Exiftool is required.

GeoTag works with all media types supported by ExifTool. To use GeoTag:

  1. Open the images to process with GeoTag
  2. Assign, change, or delete locations by clicking on the map, dragging location markers, or using the delete key
  3. Save your changes, updating image meta-data with the added, changed, or deleted information

GeoTag requires ExifTool. ExifTool for OS X can be downloaded from the ExifTool home page,

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