2017-06-12: Projects
I made a handle-less hammer with brass and plastic heads for tapping things into position in a lathe chuck or seating parts in a mill vice.
2017-06-11: SMBC
SMBC Schedule change. The June 25th destination is now Brian’s in Los Gatos. Also, Rob has a new bike.
2017-06-06: DR650
I can now remove the saddle of my dr650 without using any tools. I also see I haven’t ridden the dr650 very much in the last year: only 1400 miles. I’ll blame a wet fall/winter/spring.
2017-06-02: Projects
I finished making a lathe banjo for my mini-lathe. The OEM change gear bracket was a pain to adjust. The banjo design is roughly based upon the bracket used on my last lathe.
2017-05-30: R1200GS
I installed the replacement clutch switch I ordered last week.
2017-05-28: Projects
I made some screws for the side covers of my dr650. These can be removed without the need for the proper screwdriver.
2017-05-28: SMBC
It’s not every post breakfast gabfest that you get serenaded by bagpipes.
2017-05-26: BBQ and Campout
Brent Hansen of Brent’s Motorcycle Works writes:


My wife Sue and I are hosting a weekend [June 17-18] get together and campout at our place in Sebastopol – all makes and models welcome. Clean out your garage and bring along any old bike parts to swap or sell. Definitely bring your old Beemer out to show and tell, and enjoy a ride on some of the best motorcycle roads around. Late afternoon dinner on Saturday (around 4pm), later evening snacks around the campfire for those staying the night, and coffee and hot drinks Sunday morning with breakfast pastries. We have plenty of flat green space for camping and relaxing, and the stars will be bright with a quarter moon. Cost is $15 per person which covers drinks, meals and camping. Please rsvp to so we can get some idea of numbers for dinner and overnight. Come join us!

575 Duer Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472 (415) 342-3352

2017-05-24: Projects
I made some thumb screws for the gear cover of my lathe. No more reaching for the wrong wrench to remove the cover.
2017-05-23: SMBC
Three SMBCers went to Patricks Point for a campout and Sunday jaunt into Southern Oregon.
2017-05-21: SMBC
Riders Gallery update. Breakfast at Brian’s and the ride after.
2017-05-19: MWR
A few mid-week riders said good-bye to Alberto at lunch in Santa Cruz. Next Friday he’s leaving for Alaska as a warm up for his ride to South America later this summer.
2017-05-16: Projects
The last several days I’ve been working on a hand crank for my lathe. I finished making it this afternoon.
2017-05-15: SMBC
Riders Gallery update. Mothers Day breakfast at the Country Inn

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