1966 BMW R69S Restoration: Useful Links

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Before getting to my restoration I want to share these useful links. Some supplied helpful information. Others are vendors. The first link is to the /2 mailing list. There you will find many very knowledgeable readers who that are quite happy to share their expertise and help diagnose and solve problems. It is a yahoo mailing list; you can read it on-line in your browser instead of getting many email messages/day if that is your desire. Check it out.


The earliest pictures were taken with a camera that could create an amazing 1024 x 768 pixel image. At least I thought it was amazing at the time! It had 6 megabytes of internal storage that held up to 30 of the large images or 120 smaller, 512 x 384 pixel images. Those were my only two choices. There was no way to add external memory. Alas, I typically had the camera to set at the lower resolution as I didn’t know any better. My photography skills were not all that great, either. They are slightly better, now.

I’ve spent many hours trying to enhance and enlarge the original photos. Apparently my post processing skills are about equal to my photography skills: both need lots of improvement. Please accept my apologies in advance for the terrible picture quality.

Now on to the restoration story…


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