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RE: Warren Birmingham

Hello Mark,

Thanks for responding.  The last few days have been overwhelming to say the
least, but this afternoon I was able to locate Warren's niece Mandy and she
will get me in touch with her father Gordon Birmingham, who is Warren's
brother.  If all goes as planned, I'll be talking with him soon and should
be able to get a sense of what happens next.  At a minimum, I'm hoping his
friends can be included in the services.

In addition, I have communicated to the Medical Examiner that relatives have
now been located, but they haven't returned my call after I left that
message.  Hopefully my message will stop the process where it is until the
relatives can assume control.

This isn't much new information, but as more surfaces I'll pass it along.

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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mark Liedstrand and I have
worked with Warren Birmingham off and on at Cylink Corporation for about 10
years. Warren has many friends at Cylink who wish to express their sorrow
but like you, we have been unable to identify any family or friends. I
received your e-mail addresses from Warren's work account and would be
interested in any information you find on whether there would be services
for him. I have spoken to our HR department and we did not have any recent
information on Warren but all we had was passed on the medical examiner's
office. Warren was a wonderful human being and I wish to express my
condolences to his family and friends. He will be greatly missed.

Mark Liedstrand
Director, Engineering Support - Cylink Corp
tel 408-855-6279; fax 408-855-6112

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I spoke with the Coroner at the Santa Clara County Medical Examiner's office
and she has confirmed that Warren did have heart failure.  I also questioned
her about the date they reported earlier because it didn't sound right.
When she checked the file, she confirmed they had made a mistake about the
day and confirmed that it was Tuesday when Warren was found.

We are still trying to find Warren's brother Gordon Birmingham, but haven't
been successful yet.  If anyone knows anything that can help us find Gordon,
please let me know.


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I just finished speaking with the Santa Clara County Medical Examiner and he
reports that they found our friend Warren Birmingham, K6PHW, dead in the
bathroom of San Jose Harley Davidson on Sunday.  An examination hasn't been
completed yet, but initial reports indicate Warren's heart failed.

As more information is learned, I'll pass it along.

Join me in saying a prayer for our dear friend.


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