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Warren Birmingham - Memorial

A memorial for Warren will be held on Saturday, January 25th from 5:00PM to
7:00PM at San Jose Harley-Davidson in San Jose.  They will close the store
at 6:00 PM and restrict door access.  It is important to arrive before
6:00PM so you aren't struggling to get in after closing.

Here is their web site:

Here is their map and directions page:

Dealership Address:
  San Jose Harley-Davidson/Buell
  1551 Parkmoor Avenue
  San Jose, CA 95128

  Phone:  408-998-1464

No other services are planned by Warren's family, so this gathering of
Warren's friends will be our only opportunity to get together and remember
our good friend and a good man.

At our gathering we will display a picture collage.  If you have any photos,
digital or paper, consider loaning them to us for the display.  The more
images we can display, the better it will express how we knew Warren.  All
images loaned to this photo collage will be mailed back to you right after
the celebration so they won't be lost.

We don't have too much time to build this display, so sending your images
early is important.  I can even pick them up, if that is easier to manage.

If you know of other friends of Warren who aren't part of the following
mailing list:
  BA-MARC  - Bay Area Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club

   Creative Commons License

  MARC     - Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club

   Creative Commons License

  SMBC     - Sunday Morning Breakfast Club

  Warren's Munday Funnies

Please pass the word along, and ask them for pictures to loan.

If any of you would like to give a brief tribute, let me know so I can be
sure you'll have the opportunity.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


  Phone:  408-448-4346