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SMBC Re: Duartes

Hi Max
    The route from Burlingame is south on #101 to #92, west on #92 over to the
Coast (Half Moon Bay), then south on #1 to Pescadero.  Duartes is a mile east of
#1, in downtown metropolitan Pescadero.   Towards the destination, some folks
turn off #1 at Stage Coach Rd. and take the old road through the hills for the
last 7 miles or so.
    A number of riders pick up the ride near the crest of the hill in San Mateo,
on W/B #92 at Ralston, maybe 4 miles or so from #101.  More riders may join the
stream another mile or two to the west, where #35 Skyline turns up the hill and
joins #92, going around and in between the Crystal Springs Reservoirs.
    Hope to see you in the morning - it looks like a good one.
Jerry Grainger
(follow the sounds of vertical twin music)

Max Malzkuhn wrote:

> I'm planning to come to breakfast this Sunday, but can't guarantee I can get
> out of bed early enough to meet you in Burlingame.  What route are you guys
> planning to take so that I might meet up with you enroute?
> Max