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Gardnerville is still 6 months away, but there is some information that
the group needs to know...

Dave Gallegos writes:

  I have made the dinner reservations for The J&T in Gardnerville for
  Saturday August the 23rd at 5:30 PM.   They will again donate 2 shirts
  for our drawing.

  The village Motel is under new ownership and the cost of rooms has gone
  up slightly.   Single rooms will be $44 + tax and double rooms will be
  $48 + tax.  

  The phone number there is 1-775-782-2624

  In the past I have booked all the rooms but the policy now will be for
  members to call and confirm their own rooms.  Let them know that you are
  with the Breakfast Club so that we can be together.

  I told them we would be using about 10 rooms.

Got that, everyone... you've got to make your own reservations this
year.   The address and phone numbers for all of the popular Gardnerville
places to stay can be found at the end of the schedule:


// marc