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Mexico 2003 Trip to Baja

The attachment is a work in progress for the planning of the 2003 mexico
Baja motorcycle trip that Dave Gallegos has led for the past 20 plus years.
Dave has handed me the gauntlet on planning this trip, so here is my stab at

Some of you receiving this e-mail may want to join us.  If so, please
contact either Dave or me as soon as possible.  For my friends on the East
Coast (especially Ray, Tom, and Steve), eat your hearts out.  For our friend
Mac in Texas, truly wish you were going with us.  I always love to give you
a hard time.  For Tawry up in Canada, come on down!  To Steve in Merced, get
out of the office and onto that Firefighters Special and come on!  I only
wish you all could join us, as it is usually a great ride.  The food is
great, the beer flows freely, and the scenery and ride are without
comparison.  The fishing (catching) may even be great.

I am leaving for Hawaii for a week, but will be back on the 14th.

Ride safe - Jerry Grey

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