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Re: pics from Fred and vintage beemers

Hey Marco
    Good pix.  The vintage BMW ride, especially, looks like it was fun.
Some lovely old machines.  Aren't side cars cool?  Especially WWII German
models - pretty interesting historically.  Where was the camp-out?
Jerry Grainger

Marco S Hyman wrote:

> I finally got off my butt and put up the pics Fred sent from the Kings
> Canyon camp-out.   Sorry for the delay.
>         http://www.snafu.org/smbc/trips/camping-2003/fred/
> I also went camping with another group last weekend on my R69S.  It
> was a vintage BMW thing.   Pictures of some pretty bikes seen at the
> event.
>         http://www.snafu.org/saturday/2003/camping/
> // marc