2023-09-28: SMBC
Trip Report: SMBCers go camping near Kennedy Meadows
2023-09-17: SMBC
Riders Gallery update – returning riders
2023-09-13: SMBC
Fall campout info added to the SMBC home page.
2023-09-02: RB67
I shot of roll of 120 Ilford FP4+ to compare against the Tri-X I’ve otherwise used in the RB67. I’m happy with the results (film/developer). The images aren’t much to look at, simply items around the house and garden I could point a camera at.
2023-08-28: SMBC
Riders Gallery Update – Fred rode his Vincent Comet to breakfast. Also, the FAQ has been updated with a link to a page about Frank Simmons.
2023-08-27: SMBC
Riders Gallery Update – a big one reporting on the awarding of the SMBC boot at the annual dinner.
2023-08-20: SMBC
Riders Gallery Update – Los Gatos Cafe
and a reminder that Saturday is the SMBC Boot Dinner


Marc, 2023

Marc, 2023

Marco S. (Marc) Hyman

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