2023-06-05: Lens
I added a stick on tab to make focusing easier/faster on my Zeiss C-Biogon 35mm lens.
2023-06-04: SMBC
Riders Gallery Update – A break during an after breakfast ride on a fine day for riding.
2023-06-02: hot tub
Now that the pool heater is working again it’s time to address the barely working hot tub jets.
2023-05-25: ktm790
The bike was at the dealer yesterday for its 18K service. Today I’m mounting a new rear tire while waiting for Xfinity to get the internet working again.
2023-05-22: pool heater
My pool heater is acting up. Again.
2023-05-11: SMBC
Trip Report – Hendy Woods Campout
2023-04-30: SMBC
Riders Gallery Update – Flapjacks
2023-04-18: SMBC
Trip Report – Spring ride to Paso Robles
2023-04-16: SMBC
Riders Gallery Update – the coast.


Marc, 2023

Marc, 2023

Marco S. (Marc) Hyman

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