Mid-Week Rides: Dick's Ride

WWWobble says:

Great day!
Great ride!
Dick Z found new roads for all of us.
Warm on the top.
Cool on the coast.
And the Captain did hi-jack the ride Be we all arrived at Phil’s for lunch anyway, Not at exactly the same time, but close enough.
Did I say it was a great ride?
Zunkel is the Man!

Pictures from Tom and Chris

Report from Dick with more pictures

Route of the “Wendies”
Midweek ride August 17, 2011

Nine riders met at Bobbi’s Restaurant in Cupertino for breakfast and conversation. Officer, and soon to be counselor, Tom had other business and did not join the ride. Chris, Bill, Jerry Dave, Charley, Dave, Bob, and Dick headed south on CA 85 and US 101 to the East Dunne exit in Morgan Hill. The road climbs gradually, then winds ten miles up to Henry Coe State Park. With morning fog lifted, the view of Anderson Lake and surrounding hills was spectacular. After photos and conversation, we descended from the park over the same road, technically a wende-punkt… German for “turn around.” We crossed 101 and turned southward on Monterey Highway to the Watsonville road, which took us to Uvas road ultimately delivering us to a welcome pit stop by Uvas Reservoir. Tour leader Dick then guided the cadre to Oak Glen Road, Willow Springs Road (with terrific sweepers and vistas) to Hale Road, to Llamas Road ultimately connecting with Oak Glen road, Sycamore Drive and back to the Watsonville road. This is a giant wende! “We were going in circles,” Charley later remarked. We crossed Hecker Pass into Watsonville where months of planning and leadership broke down. Chris overthrew the King and led us to Elkhorn Slough while Bob and company went directly to Phil’s Seafood Restaurant in Moss Beach, the ultimate planned destination. Regardless, the group regrouped and had a fine lunch at Phil’s. Fighting traffic and rush hour, the Midweek Riders took to the back roads again (with the exception of Jerry who chose northbound CA 1) and rode to their respective homes. Weather, perfect! A fine ride with few mistakes and no “incidents.”