Mid-Week Rides: Last ride of 2013

Tuesday, Dec 31 2013

I sent out a message to the mid-week riders mailing list asking if anyone wanted to join me for a short ride (about 125 miles for me), the last mid-week ride of the year. Seven other riders met me at Alice’s where we meandered south to the recent mid-week favorite lunch stop in Davenport. But first a few minutes resting in Big Basin Redwood State Park – the coolest part of the ride. From the park center we took a Lodge Road detour before getting back on 236. To get to the coast we rode up Jamison Creek to Empire Grade, then down toward Bonny Doon, the coast and Davenport. See the map.

After lunch I wanted to see how far I could go on one of the roads off of Cement Plant Rd in Davenport before hitting a gate. I though I’d get a couple of hundred yards at least before having to turn around. There was no need to turn around. The last picture from WWWobble explains why.