Mid-Week Rides: North Bay Ride

Thursday, Jan 14 2021

Chris writes:

Four gathered at Henny Penny for coffee (two had breakfast with real silverware). Great food AND good coffee (Boyd’s). The group voted for ‘wine country’ so we were off in the fog for Roberts Road via Railroad. Yes, we were all looking for sunshine, and Eureka!

We rode through the Valley of the Moon and Hwy# 12 E (which ran south for Sonoma at this point), none of the group were aware of Cavedale so it became a ‘must experience’. Cavedale is a narrow, poorly paved path that climbs up the Mayacamas Mountains and then follows a ridge line north. It had a couple of tricky tight uphill turns, one tricked Joe Steiner and he stalled-out’n fell. I could argue Joe was trolling for the boot, but this wasn’t an SMBC event, but then, neither was Todd Kennedy’s ticket. Joe crunched a turn signal, cracked a driving light housing and scuffed-up a crash bar and his helmet. Rob’s convinced Joe’ll have some remeberence of this event tomorrow.

We crossed into Napa County and took council at Mt. Veeder Road’s northern end, where it intersects the Oakville Grade Road. Everyone but Chris was eager to go home and we were at that point a whole 37 miles from Henny Penny. The vote was to go directly home as it was now the stroke of Noon. So…we did! Rode down the grade, right on Hwy# 29 for #121 and #29.

Pics follow: