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ADMIN: The list has moved

As of this posting the oilheads mailing list has found a new home.
This is NOT a new list.  Mike Lambert provided the list and digest
membership.   This is the same old list at a new address.

Short version:
	Send submissions to <oilheads@xxxxxxxxx>
	Send list maintenance requests to <majordomo@xxxxxxxxx>
	Send list manager mail to <marc@xxxxxxxxx>

Long version:


Welcome to the BMW Oilheads Motorcycle Mailing List!

Please read this document completely and save it for future reference.

The Oilheads email list was originally founded circa 1994 as the
"bmw-r1100" email list by Andy Beals as a discussion forum for the then
new BMW R1100RS motorcycle. In December 2000, the list was moved to a
new location with a new administrator, Mike Lambert. Since 1994, several
BMW models and engine configurations have been released based on the type
259 "oilhead" engine found in the original R1100RS. Current engine sizes
R850, R1100, R1150, and R1200 can be found in models R, S, RS, RT, GS,
and C.  In late 2003 the list moved once again.   It is now hosted at
snafu.org where it is maintained by Marc Hyman.

I. Topics of Discussion:

  List discussion should remain primarily on the topic of oilhead BMWs,
  though any motorcycle related chat is quite acceptable. This list has
  not needed any moderation in the past and I see no reason to start

II. What NOT to Post:

  Unsolicited Bulk Email (aka spam) - Please do not post commercial
         advertisements, chain letters, jokes, or any other mass
         mailings to the list.

  Enhanced Text - This includes HTML, RTF, MS Word, and all other
         non-plain text formats. Please post only plain text to this
         and all other mailing lists/public forums. Not everyone can
         read formatting code and it takes up much more bandwidth
         and disk space. Post in plain text only PLEASE. The digest
         readers will thank you. This option can easily be set in the
         address book of most common email client programs.

         !! Attention AOL users: AOL v6.0 can not be configured to send
            email in plain text format. Instead, it sends all email in
            HTML format. In order to send email to this and many other
            email lists, you can NOT use AOL 6.0.  Please consider
            using AOL 5 or AOL 7.

  Attachments - This includes images, "V Cards", movies, sounds,
         executable applications and scripts, spreadsheets, etc.

         !! Majordomo list filters have been configured to intercept
            email containing HTML and attachments, bouncing the
            offending message to the list administrator.

  Long Quotes - Often an email client program will quote the entire
         message in a reply. Please edit out any non-relevant text in
         your replies to the list. This is particularly relevant to
         digest readers; posting an entire digest back to the list is
         a Bad Thing(tm). Please be considerate.

         !! Note for digest users - When sending a reply to the list,
              a. Again, please delete ALL unnecessary quoted text and,
              b. Please replace the "Re: Digest XXXX" subject line
                 with that of the relevant message in the digest.

  Vacation/Out of Office AutoReplys - Please configure your filters
         so that these messages are not sent to mailing lists.

  Subscribe/Unsubscribe messages - Always a no-no.
         Please follow the directions below, or send mail to
         <marc@xxxxxxxxx> for assistance.

III. How To Post To The List:

  To post (send email) to the list, send your email message to


IV. How To Contact The List Administrator:

  Send email to Marc Hyman <marc@xxxxxxxxx>

V. Unsolicited Bulk Email:

  This list has been configured to minimize UBE abuse:
    1. Only list subscribers are allowed to post to the list.
    2. No one is allowed to retrieve the subscriber list.
    3. The Majordomo "which" command will not reveal list subscribers.

VI. Email Filters:

  It is recommended that subscribers utilize a filter to sort email
  from the list to a dedicated folder.

  - For Netscape and Outlook (or other graphical email client) users,
    I recommend using the built-in filters ("To or CC", not "Sender").
    For example:

       "To" and/or "CC" _contains_ "oilheads@xxxxxxxxx"

    This should catch nearly all list mail.

  - For UNIX users, "procmail" is a very effective tool for email
    filtration. May I suggest filtering on the "Sender:" header.
    (not the same as "sender" in some email client filter functions).

VII. Archives:

  There is currently no archive for the Oilheads list. If someone
  would like to provide that service, please step forward.

VIII. The Majordomo List Software:

  To get a list of commands that you can send to Majordomo, send
  email to <majordomo@xxxxxxxxx> with the single word "help"
  in the body of the message.

IX. Automatic Unsubscription:

  You may become automatically unsubscribed from the list if email
  can not be delivered to you. The most common reasons for
  undeliverable mail are:

    a. Your mailbox is full. ISPs often lock a customer's inbox that
       has exceeded it's quota.
    b. DNS problems. The folks who seem to have the most problems with
       DNS are those you have their own domain name hosted by another
    c. An internet infrastructure outage. Basically, we can not deliver
       email to you because part of the internet is down.

  If at any time you think that you may have become unsubscribed,
  simply resubscribe. A duplicate address subscription attempt will
  merely generate an error telling you that you are already subscribed.

X. Subscribing and Unsubscribing:

  In all cases below, the "end" command instructs majordomo to ignore
  the disclaimer or signature added to the end of the message by many
  corporate and retail email services.

  - To subscribe to the regular (not digest) oilheads email list,
    send an email message to <majordomo@xxxxxxxxx> with ONLY

        subscribe oilheads

    in the body of the message.

  - To unsubscribe from the regular oilheads email list, send an
    email message to <majordomo@xxxxxxxxx> with ONLY

        unsubscribe oilheads

    in the body of the message.

  For those who prefer to receive a group of messages as a single
  email rather than receive individual messages, a digest version
  is available:

  - To subscribe to the oilheads-digest email list, send an email
    message to <majordomo@xxxxxxxxx> with ONLY

        subscribe oilheads-digest

    in the body of the message.

  - To unsubscribe from the digest, send an email message to
    <majordomo@xxxxxxxxx> with ONLY

        unsubscribe oilheads-digest

    in the body of the message.

  To switch from one list to the other, you must unsubscribe from
  one list and subscribe to the other. There is no single command
  to perform the switch, but, Majordomo accepts multiple commands.

  - To switch from the regular list to digest, send an email message
    to <majordomo@xxxxxxxxx> with the following lines ONLY

      unsubscribe oilheads
      subscribe oilheads-digest

    in the body of the message.

Have fun and keep the rubber side down!

- - End of Intro File -


End of oilheads-digest V1 #1