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Re: New List, Cold Riding

Bob Hadden wrote:
> So cool to be on the new list!!
> Also so cool to go for a ride these days.  This morning was 17 degrees
> around Boston.  I have just a couple more rides to do this season.  In
> the mail, as we speak, is a Rider Warehouse electric vest with full
> sleeves and wind block.  This will be my first try with electrics.  Has
> anyone tried the Rider Warehouse electrics?  Recommendations I received
> were all to go with Gerbings, but I really like the heavy weight non
> woven idea with the Rider Warehouse garment.  Let me know if you have
> any stories on this.

Bob, I have an Eclips electric vest and I love it. Wich I hadn't waited
as long as I did to electrify. When my vest goes south, I will
definitely get soemthing with heated sleeves.

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