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On being short

> I'm just under 5-7 with short legs and I'm looking for solutions or 
> suggestions as to make my bike touring life a little easier. With the 
> Russell saddle I have the balls of my feet just touch the ground and 
> so riding isn't the problem it's getting on the damn bike when I have 
> anything, like a duffel, strapped to the rear seat. In those 
> circumstances I usually mount by using the centrestand and rocking off 
> which works if the ground is level. There are times, there are times 
> though when using the sidestand is the only way to park and then 
> getting back on can be a real nightmare. At least once in Newfoundland 
> this summer I had to go into the little 1 pump general store and ask 
> (the rather attractive I will admit) countergirl to help me drag my 
> leg over the seat and duffel. I think I practices a bit before I asked 
> so it wouldn't come out the wrong way. Anyhow, I noticed somewhere 
> that BMW make sidestands for their authority bikes which have a 
> greater lean than the standard (Ihave an 1100R) and I was wondering if 
> more lean means the bike would be lower and maybe that would help. 
> Ideas?