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Re: On being short

I found the following page useful:

At 11:34 AM 11/19/2003 -0500, LindaT. wrote:
>Well, I'm just under 5'5" and I ride an RT.

I'm 5'6" with a 30" inseam and I ride an RS.  I actually
prefer the seat in the middle position 'cause the lowest
position makes my knees achy.

At 01:44 PM 11/19/2003 -0500, PLPKLT@xxxxxxx wrote:
>The lowering does impact the kick stands.  the center stand can be a lot 
>harder to get the bike on to.  The side stand in her case was now too long 
>and kept the bike very upright.  Ultimately the stand was cut off about 
>3/4" to restore the proper lean.

I spent a week on a rented Suzuki Freewind in NZ
last year.  The bike had been lowered, but they didn't
shorten the sidestand.  It was precarious to park on
any kind of a slope.  If I ever had that choice again,
I'll stick to the full height version.