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Re: battery/clock

On Monday, Nov 24, 2003, at 17:13 US/Eastern, ABSDoug@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>   Taking the starter apart is not hard. You'll have to drill out two 
> pop
> rivets to get to the magnets to check 'um. I'd give the web site of 
> this
> place I found that sells these Valeo starters for the BMW Oilheads for 
> $200,
> but I lost the link (computer problems). $200 is still too high for 
> such a
> crappy starter motor, but the dealer wants over $350! This is the same
> starter as a Saturn car takes, except the Saturn car starter spins the
> opposite way. DAMHIKT. Anyway it isn't good news, but something to look
> into. Push starting those beasties is tough!

Interesting, I had  a Saturn coupe for over 60,000 miles and I never 
had a problem with the starter or any other part of the car.

Here is the link for a good rebuilt starter:



95 R11RS
88 KRS Special