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Re: Battery/Clock

 > Are you still running 20/50 oil in your bike.  All the other suggestions are
 > good.  I'd try the simple stuff first.  Put 10/40 regular or better yet,

Good point.   Yeah, still 20/50 dead dino juice.   Next service will be
my 24K service and I was going to switch to synthetic at that time.   I
think the synthetic is 15w50.   Typical winter temps here (SF bay area)
are only in the 40s.   Just happened to be quite cold Sunday morning.

Thread drift: I stayed plenty warm without electrics, thank you :-)
Yeah, I did use my heated grips.

 > If your 1150 is new, you'll need a battery tender made for gel type
 > batteries.  Your BMW dealer has them for about $40,000 plus applicable
 > taxes.

Heh.... I've got the BMW charger that came with the K11LT I bought in '94.
It works just fine on the R1150RT.  Also, the RT is my primary transportation.
It gets ridden enough that a low battery isn't typically an issue.

// marc


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