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Re: New List, Cold Riding

In a message dated 11/25/03 10:17:26 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> I found some gloves called "Hot Fingers" that are really warm...made for
> snowmobiling, have a nice curve to them and a grippy inner surface for
> handling controls.  The fingers are a little bulky, but they keep the hands
> nice and warm.  They cost $25.  @ Galyans.

I bought a pair of these and thought they were cheap crap... my fingers got 
numb (and that was with grips on high heat and OEM handguards). Maybe Colorado 
winters are tougher on gloves.

Brian in Boulder
'01 BMW R1150GS
'02 Yamaha WR426F
'87 Honda ATC250ES


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