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Re: Garmin MetroGuide Canada v4


> I'm still running stock shocks, but the plan is to get Ohlins when the
> wallet permits.

Ohlins are expensive. I here good things about  "Works" shocks and that the
company is willing to work with you and follow your preferences.

>At your mileage, if you replace your current shocks with
> stock parts you will feel a significant improvement.

As I hear the stock shock, for the rear, cost $700.- CN, but that was long
ago, so it must be more by now.  If I spend that much, I might as well
upgrade to better a shock.
I am riding a '94 R1100RS.
Bob Silas

> Ohlins is that they work extremely well, but they are very pricey. Budget
> around CAD$2.2K for a front and rear mono-shock (I don't know what you
> ride). I also understand that Works and Fox shocks are very good, and
> considerably less coin. I have not done any research outside of Ohlins.