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Re: Shocks

Things were kinda busy when I replaced the shocks, so I did the back 
one first, and a week later, replaced the front one. Replacing the 
leaking back shock made a big difference. The new shock felt tighter 
and the back end felt more planted. It made the old ride seem mushy, as 
if I had been riding with a low tire.

I thought that would be about the extent of the change, since the back 
shock was probably bad and the front shock was probably still okay. 
Anyway it seemed okay until I put the Ohlins on the front too. I 
remember thinking it had sharpened and smoothed out the handling so 
much the old shock made it feel like not only was the front tire low, 
but the rim was square.

A couple of weeks after replacing the shocks, I took a 3 week tour in 
the Southwest...Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon and all around New Mexico. It 
was great. The bike felt new again...probably better.


On Tuesday, December 2, 2003, at 12:02 PM, Robert Silas wrote:

> Karl,
> This is what I hear from everybody: "Tremendous" difference in riding. 
>  I
> wonder that this is for the better shocks or just a result of 
> replacing an
> old shock to a new one.
> The real comparison would be if a new OEM shock would be changed to a 
> new
> Ohlins or similar ones.
> Thanks for the encouraging advise
> Bob Silas
> '94 R1100RS, Montreal
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>> When my '94 R1100RS had around 40,000mi on the odometer, I noticed the
>> rear shock was leaking. I replaced both shock with Ohlins. There was a
>> tremendous improvement in ride quality and stability. I don't know if
>> the Ohlins are better than the OEMs, or Fox, but I do know they are
>> much better than "shot" OEMs.
>> Karl