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Re: Garmin MetroGuide Canada v4

Bob Hadden wrote:

> Everyone has their opinion on shocks.  But here is one way to look at
> it.  If you like a BMW or Audi type firm ride, then you will like the
> after market shocks.  If you like a GM or Ford ride, then stick with
> the stock stuff.  I got the Ohlins, but would go with a USA vendor next
> time, just to have the ability to talk with them about spring rate and
> any issues after the sale.  Remember that Ohlins is in Europe, and
> getting any changes or adjustments is a major hassle after the initial
> purchase is done.  Thus, I recommend the Works or Fox.  Local people,
> they speak English, and they are an easy UPS Ground shipment away.

I'll ditto that. I have a Fox Shock on my R100GS. Very impressive ride,
handling, and customer service department ......

'99 R1100RT '99 F650 '98 R1200C '88 R100GS '78 R80/7