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Re: Shocks

ColoradoGSRider@xxxxxxx wrote:
> I can't see spending Ohlins money on a
> shock, regardless of how good it works. That's one of those products that I
> simply can't find the justification for the outrageous cost when you look at what
> it cost to manufacture the product.

Well... truly good suspension is almost like fine wine. More expensive
than it really ought to be, but when you have it, it is realllllly
gooood. Sure, you don't *need* it. Gallo tastes good. To bring it back
to bikes, if you can spend some time on a bike with the good stuff over
a challenging road, you may come to appreciate the difference in how
well composed the bike is and how much more responsive the bike is to
control and road irregularity inputs. You may decide that it isn't worth
it to you, but at least you'll know what it is all about.

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