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Re: Shocks

Yes this would tell you something, however, you would still not comparing
shocks on equal level.
But, it certainly would be interesting to hear about it...
Bob Silas

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Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2003 7:08 PM
Subject: Re: Shocks

> > This is what I hear from everybody: "Tremendous" difference in riding.
>  > wonder that this is for the better shocks or just a result of replacing
>  > old shock to a new one.
> I replaced the shocks on my R1150RT with Ohlins at 15539 miles.  I could
> tell that the bike was more stable on the 20 miles freeway ride from the
> shop back to my house.
> The only down side is that you get used to the added stability too fast
> I kept the old shocks to put on the bike should I need to have the Ohlins
> rebuilt.   It will be interesting to see what kind of difference I notice
> if/when they go back on the bike.
> // marc