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Hello Robert,

On 12/3/03 12:01 AM, Robert Silas robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>Thanks for your thoughts.
>The problem with GPS and aftermarket shocks is that by the time you find out
>if you like the product you spent a lot of money for non-returnable items.
>I know that this is the case whether you buy a pair of skis, a new car and
>many other things.  Sometimes I bought things (inexpensive ones) just to
>find out what is what I do not want to buy ....

You are SO right! Here are Words of Wisdom: Do your research on GPS, then 
find someone in your area that has the product you are interested in. Ask 
that person if they would spend several hours with you reviewing the 
features and usefulness of the product, and that you may be basing your 
purchase decision on what you learn. This works better for a GPS than for 
shocks, obviously, unless you can take an RS with your prospective shocks 
for a lengthy ride.

Also, I believe that you can download the entire user manual for Garmin 
GPSes in PDF format. I hope other manufacturers do, too. Reading this 
will give you a very good idea of all the offered functionality, plus how 
it is implemented.

I have a StreetPilot III, and I live in Oakville, Ontario (40 minutes 
drive west of the center of Toronto). Ping me off line if you'd like to 
spend some hands-on time with a StreetPilot III in a car (it has suddenly 
become winter out here).

>The reason I want to improve my RS (it's good as is!!) that this is my last
>expensive bike, in my case this is a life time bike (unless I smash it up).
>The many modifications I did on this bike are not the ones I want to repeat
>on another one.

He, he <G>. When I bought my fully loaded, "exactly as I want it" 
custom-ordered new BMW 328 convertible in 1997, I felt it was my last car 
for life (I was 37 at the time). The cost was exorbitant (for me). I 
still have my car, and I still love it. But here I am, almost 6 and a 
half years later, and a Mercedes CLK55 AMG (custom colors plus a bunch of 
options) has caught my eye and inflamed by passion. I'm not so sure that 
it's my last car any more.

But I still feel that my 2000 R1100S is my last motorcycle for life. For 
now :-)

- -Steve

 Oakville, Ontario, Canada
 2000 R1100S/ABS, Mandarin