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Re: Oil Rag

BeemerGary2@xxxxxxx writes:

>>In a message dated 12/7/2003 7:13:16 PM Pacific Standard Time,
>>wtrrtw@xxxxxxxxx writes:
>>What was the last issue of the Oil Rag that anyone
>>received?  Just wondering if the Oilheads club is still
>As a matter of fact, I talked to Steve Coburn by phone about 2 weeks ago,
>perhaps less. He stated that he was just in the process of getting the most
>recent issue addressed and on its way. There have been a number of 
>reasons for the
>delay, the most significant seeming to be the lack of material from members
>like you and me. We really should do something about that, don't you think?

The main reason is that the Oilheads is a business, not a club, and 
it is subject to the vagaries of its owner, not responsiveness to 
it's "membership."  Save your money.  Join the RA and/or MOA.  I 
promise you'll see fewer pictures of one person and his bike...
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Don MacQueen, Shelby NC
Suppose we can get a national recall?
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