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RE: Oil Rag

Lighten up on Steve Coburn. I've met him several times and found him to
be a dedicated BMW rider who loves motorcycles. He's not without his
ways and peculiarities but I believe that goes for ALL of us. He started
the Oil Rag at the suggestions of others when the 259 engines first came
out. I believe the cost of the magazine is barley covered by the
subscription price. It is defiantly not a money making business. He
calls it a club meaning that he depends on the contributions of the
members for the articles he publishers there are no paid writers. How
many other guys are willing to put something like the Oil Rag

Steve I don't know if you will read this as I don't think you belong to
this list but if you do a Hi from Ken Ahrweiler

 Ken Ahrweiler
 New Hyde Park
 New York