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SHY Racing


SHY Racing.... 615-225-6022  jerry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ; website is
www.sloanssuzuki.com/partners.cfm?partner=33  He's a very pleasant guy and
he does all the work himself.  I found him with a search of "Ohlins Shock
Motorcycle," I think.    His lab is in the building with Sloan's Suzuki and
he shares their server.

As far as the roads are concerned.  It ain't the altitude that makes a road
challenging.   If you haven't been down to North Carolina and N. Georgia,
you've missed something.   I spent two solid weeks doing Colorado passes one
summer.  They are beautiful and grand.  Went to Oregon and Washington and
experienced some incredible roads there as well.  There are wonderful roads
out West, but they don't beat the Southeast.   Neither do the Alps, although
I'm going back to Europe just to make sure.

- -TB

>Thanks for your suggestions on where to get Ohlins rebuilt on the east
coast.  Tom - do you happen to have an internet address for SHY - tried a
Google search and it didn't get me there, but it sounds like I've got a
couple of good choices, Shy or OhlinsUSA.

>As far as the rest of the discussion about Ohlins, I don't think I've ever
heard that they wern't worth the money once purchased, and I'm sure the
same is true of Penske, Wilbur, Works, etc - they're all a significant
improvement over stock, especially if you ride the bikes in "sport mode",
in places like Deal's Gap or Rt. 28/129, or MANY other places in the
Smokies or Sierras.