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RE: oilheads-digest V1 #24

> owner and once by me.  It has never shifted correctly.  My plan is to
> it until it gets real bad again then to buy a factory new upgraded 
> transmisson for about $1800.00.  Reports indicate that the factory new
> work great.

	Oh yeah, that's something I forgot to mention in the original
post.. When I bought the bike from the shop in town here, they mentioned
that they thought they felt/heard a little something funny in the
gearbox when they took it in, so they simply replaced the whole box with
a brand new one from the factory. BTW, this shop is Canton Cycles in
Winsted, CT. If you're from around here, you'll recognize the name and
know they're good people. They really take care of you, and I think that
this earbox bit really shows this. So, with that info in mind, I should
be pretty good to go then? Outstanding! Now, just have to wait out the
snow that just hit us here. :) Thanks to all for the other replies I've
read so far regarding engine/trans life and the susp. Settings. All duly
noted and I've written 'em down and will giff with the stuff when the
weather co-operates once more. Take care, all!