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Re: Requesting first-hand experiences re permanent Autocom installation

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From: "Steve Makohin" <wateredg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I have been happily running an Autocom Pro system for 3 years on a
> "portable" basis (battery powered, pocketed unit). I have purchased all
> the wires, connectors, and the power supply to permanently install the
> unit.

I had  two Autocom Pro units a few years ago...............Sold them!

Other than being overpriced like many other things ,my only problem was
trying to use the Autocom on bike power and a handheld Midland CB radio on
bike power.    Had  squeal as soon as I pushed the transmit button.  and
when you release the Push to talk the radio did not come out of transmit.
had to power the radio down.   The  Top gear? guys had an answer.  either
run it from batteries  or install one of the large automobile type CBs with
metal chasis.    Ground loops were the problem.   radio and Pro on the same
ground did not work.  tried both PRO units and several CBs.   I think my
answer was to run the PRO on bike power and the CB on internal batteries.
If you want your autocom to work right you just need to follow the advice of
the Top Gear folks.  As long as you follow their product line and
installation guidance it works fine.

But thats why I sold all mine.   just cant follow rules.
I am about to order one of the starcom units.  MY friend Phil space got one
and likes it so far.
Try the link below for the report so far.   Cheaper than Autocom also.
Dont get too hooked on the Adventure riders.  they are mostly insane
Ride fast hard and repeat.



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