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Re: HID lights for R1100s

I've heard of it done.  A friend of mine, Terry Evans, at
tevansmd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx can give you specific information on the kit, etc.,
as he used to do it at BMW of Boca.  I'm sure he wouldn't mind an inquistive

John H. Outlan CPA
321-415-0234 (Fax)

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From: "Kit Scally" <kitscally@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <oilheads@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, December 12, 2003 7:59 PM
Subject: HID lights for R1100s

> Hi,
> Has anyone on the list fitted aftermarket HID globes to their machine?
> looking for a low-beam alternative to the standard 55W globe rather than
> just fitting a 90 or 110W halogen (and relay!).
> Thanks,
> Kit
> '98 R1100s (Mandarin of course!)