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RE: HID lights for R1100s

> On Saturday, Dec 13, 2003, at 01:03 US/Eastern, john h. outlan wrote:
> >
> > Do you recall what their reasoning was?  (other than to make 
> > everything illegal eventually in this land of the 
> used-to-be free).  I 
> > couldn't find anything on it.
> >
> I read something on Sporttouring.com (I believe that was the 
> site) and 
> it had something to do with the OEM reflector and the retrofit HID 
> lights.
> Now my question is, is there an AUX HID lighting kit available? This 
> should be legal...
> Robert
> 95 R11RS
> 88 KRS Special

There are a number of HID driving lights available.  Hella makes a HID micro DE
light which is fairly small and easily mounted.  They also have a HID version of
the FF200 if you really want some light.  PIAA has 600 and 610 HID lights (4"dia
and 5"dia).  There are certainly lights by less known manufacturers as well, a
quick Google search will probably find a bunch.

One thing to consider with HID driving lights is the "blind time" created by
their brightness and color.  Upon meeting traffic and you turn the driving
lights off, your eyes will take time to adjust to the lower light levels and
different color light provided by the halogen low beam, rendering your vision
significantly reduced.  Further, after passing it will take another second or so
for the HID lights to come back on.  

Regarding the headlight conversions, I seem to remember the rationale for the
ban was that most of the aftermarket kits did not match the filament location of
the stock halogen bulbs resulting in poor beam geometry and alignment.  That
said I don't think the ban has yet to be enacted.  The info on the NHTSA site
looks like they are still accepting comments on this issue.

Davis Eichelberger
SW Virginia
'96 R1100RT