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RE: Battery vs. Tender

I'm with the rest of the group consensus, MY next battery (for the RT) will
be the Odessy (set and forget).

Stan Rife
Houston, TX
1999 R1100RT

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Subject: Battery vs. Tender

I'm just one year into oilhead ownership, and still making puzzling
discoveries.  My 2002 Roadster has gathered cobwebs since early July as I
recovered from a non-motorcycling injury, and I was very late in hooking it
up to my trusty Battery Tender.  What I'm discovering now is that I can't
seem to charge it enough for the starter to work.  On one attempt I got
enough in it for the ABS to go through the stationary part of the self-test,
but the solenoid just buzzed.  Other trips through the charge cycle leave
the Tender convinced that all is well and it just needs to keep a light
float on it, but there's not even enough to make the ABS happy, suggesting
that the voltage may be fine but the amperage is not.  Could it really be
that the battery has given up after barely more than a year in service?  And
why, oh why, BMW, didst thou see fit to bury the damn thing so deeply,
making it a royal pain to even check the electrolyte level?

	- Martin
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Martin Lodahl of Auburn, CA
UNIX Pro, Motorcyclist, Musician, etc.