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Re: Battery vs. Tender

Martin Lodahl wrote:

> I'm just one year into oilhead ownership, and still making puzzling
> discoveries.  My 2002 Roadster has gathered cobwebs since early July as I
> recovered from a non-motorcycling injury, and I was very late in hooking it
> up to my trusty Battery Tender.  What I'm discovering now is that I can't
> seem to charge it enough for the starter to work.  On one attempt I got
> enough in it for the ABS to go through the stationary part of the self-test,
> but the solenoid just buzzed.  Other trips through the charge cycle leave
> the Tender convinced that all is well and it just needs to keep a light
> float on it, but there's not even enough to make the ABS happy, suggesting
> that the voltage may be fine but the amperage is not.  Could it really be
> that the battery has given up after barely more than a year in service?  And
> why, oh why, BMW, didst thou see fit to bury the damn thing so deeply,
> making it a royal pain to even check the electrolyte level?

Battery Tenders make good float chargers, but very bad "battery chargers". Give
the battery a full charge on a real battery charger, then maintain the battery
on the float charger.

If the battery is toast (won't take/hold a charge), use your CrossCountry towing
coverage to either jump start the bike, or tow the bike to the dealer for them
to replace said battery under warranty. I keep all 5 Beemers on Battery Tenders
year round, and they are always ready to start.

'99 R1100RT '99 F650 '98 R1200C '88 R100GS '78 R80/7