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Re: battery tender

In a message dated 12/14/03 1:32:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
gregpt@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<<the directions that come with the tender clearly state that if the battery
is below a specified voltage, the tender will not function.  as i remember
the original post, 'tender showed it was at float but bike would not start',
i have had the same thing happen.  turned out a cell was shorted in the
battery.  good to start your bike from time to time.  even better to do this
well before you attempt your first ride in the spring :)) >>

       No single act, other than crashing at speed, can damage a motorcycle 
more than periodically starting it during storage. It would be cheaper by a 
factor of ten to throw out the battery and buy a new one each spring. Periodic 
starting fills the engine with moisture and corrosive byproducts of combustion, 
and doesn't warm the engine and exhaust system to remove them. There are 
additive packages in motor oil that are intended to neutralize these corrosive 
elements, but the oil has to reach operating temperature to activate them.

    Charge tha battery with a proper battery chatger, after cleaning the case 
and terminals, and visually inspecting the battery for leaks and physical 
damage. Verify that the electrolyte level is between the lines, and charge at 10% 
of the rated amperage for 10 hours. Repeat every six weeks. in cold weather, 
three weeks in hot weather. Batteries sulphate much more quickly when 
discharged, and in warm weather. To prevent discharge, disconnect the battery ground 
cable(s) at the battery.

    On most oilheads, battery access can be gained in under 15 minutes, and 
much less on some models. This is a small amount of work for an important 
service item.

Tom Cutter