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Re: Ohlins Question

Call Kevin at Wolf BMW 519-293-3370.  I talked with him but previously I
sent an e-mail explaining my vs. bike situation.
Bob Silas

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> To anyone (not just Tom),
> On 12/16/03 10:53 AM, Tom Brown tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >Where to buy and select Ohlins....
> >
> >
> >Wolf BMW in Canada.    They're a real BMW dealer.  The parts managers
> >Ohlins stuff and they get a better deal because of the Canadian Dollar,
> >tax (NAFTA) and free freight for orders over $500.   The only bad thing
> >delivery.   They will take 6 weeks or more to come in.
> I'm planning to buy Ohlins for the R1100S. I heard that the shocks'
> spring rates are typically designed for the bike in mind, which has an
> unladen vehicle weight, plus a 175 lb (average) rider. If this is so, and
> if the rider is off the "average weight" mark, like say 205 lbs, or if
> the bike will be used primarily for two-up riding with a combined
> rider+passenger+luggage weight of 380 lbs (not my situation), then
> shouldn't the buyer of the shocks be alerting the vendor so the vendor
> can match the spring rates to the gross laden weight? My understanding is
> that if the spring rates are wrong, then no amount of pre-load setting
> will adequately compensate for that, and you won't be getting the
> performance you paid for from your potentially-awesome Ohlins. Correct?
> What are Ohlins buyers on this list doing in this respect?
> -Steve
>  Oakville, Ontario, Canada
>  2000 R1100S/ABS, Mandarin