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Re: Ohlins Question

the ohlins site is the first stop.  seems to me there were various springs
listed.  all the vendor needs to know is how much you weight with your gear
on.  the other post regarding how much stuff you carry would also be
helpful.  however, if you get the spring right for your weight, dialing in a
couple of turns of preload for your gear will not hurt anything.  the other
stuff about riding style and so on has to do with how you will eventually
'tune' your shocks to suit yourself.  preload and rebound damping are all
about you and getting it set for your style.  there are a couple of helpful
sites that will walk you through this exercise.  there have also been many
magazine articles published on this topic.  the shock that is right for your
machine is already in the catalog, just the spring rate needs to be