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Ohlins: Spring Rate

FWIW and from my experience with Ohlins on a K75S (rear), R1100RS, and 
now R1150RT -

I have bought Ohlins from Wim Kroon and from local dealers.  Each has 
inquired about rider, passenger, and luggage weights and bike uses and 
riding style.

The spring and therefore spring rate _is_ important, however each spring 
has a vary wide range of pre-load adjustability.

With a rider weight of ~190lbs and about 1/3 of use being 2-up traveling 
(125lbs passenger, and side and top cases loaded for extended touring), 
I have found adjustability beyond my needs!  In addition, at a 2 day 
'track day' I also had more than adequate adjustability.

- -- 

Barry ('04 R1150RT)
Roslyn Heights, N.Y.

Ride hard and ride well.