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Battery Education

Well, I know it's off-course, but people seem to be digging it, so I'll just
put one more British related item in and I promise that's the end of it for
me.   I also had a BSA Rocket III. Not many of those were around even back
then. It was repainted white by the previous owner and had a 3 into one
flat-black GP pipe on it and a wide rear tire and cafe racer fiberglass
seat/fender.  I painted it silver with black pinstripes and added a
telescoping fork from a Honda 750.   I also increased the amount of teeth in
the rear sprocket.  Amazingly, the only trouble I had with the Lucas system
was that the rear tail-light was always going out and I was getting a lot of
tickets as a result.

I had a horrible wreck on it which ended motorcycling for me for 30 plus
years.  The wreck was sold to the previous owner for $50.  He was going to
make a go-kart out of it.  He came back a year later and asked for his money
back because there was a crack in the block someplace.  Although I kept my
motorcycle license intact  at each renewal, I didn't get on another bike
until April of '99 when I rode my slightly used '99 RT home from the
dealership.    It was a 40-mile ride home from the dealer and wife was
following behind in her VW New Beetle.  It was a real adventure for me and
it still is.

How different life would have been if I'd fallen for the Harley Road King I
was considering...$22K USED at that time with the older Evo engine, not the
Twin-Cam.   I thought, and still do, that these Harleys have all the panache
of farm impliments.

- -TB