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Re: nostalgic projects

Since I started this thread by saying "I never owned a British Bike"....
from my part I finish the subject with this e-mail.

I know that the following is not an oilhead subject, but it is a BOXER which
slightly touches the list.   It's a nostalgic project which takes a lot of
my time and money.

Beside BMW there was another major boxer bike in the late thirties in
Germany, the Zundapp.  56- years ago, after the war, I rebuilt two KS 600
Zundapps, one military version was rebuilt from 1946-47 and another civilian
one in 1951.  My last bike in Europe was an NZ 350 DKW 2-stroke/single,

Now I am working on two KS 600 Zundapps, and I will build them as those
bikes looked like in my youth.

I also left out lots of years of biking, some 40 years, and started again in

If anybody knows anything about the Zundapps, or interested in them, please
write me OFF LIST.
If some of us want talk about old bikes I will collect the  e-mail addresses
and will answer to all, and everybody can do the same without maintaining a

Robert Silas robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx
'94 R1100RS, '92 K75s, + .......

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> Tom Brown wrote:
> > I also had a BSA Rocket III. Not many of those were around even back
> The BSA Rocket III, Triumph Trident, Plymouth Hemi, Shelby Cobra 427,
Chevy SS
> 396, Pontiac GTO, Corvette Stingray 427, etc. were all machines mere
> dreamed of owning. Even getting a ride in/on one was like finally getting
up the
> nerve to ask the most beautiful girl in your crowd for a date, and hearing
> say "I'd love to"..... ahhh, what a time that was. < sigh >
> Jim
> microdoc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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