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Re: ** 2002 R1150RT -- List of recommended mods **

My $0.02 injected below.

>1)  Suspension:	Stock suspension seems fine.
>			Any advantage in an upgrade to
>			Ohlins?

I can't speak from personal experience, but people who have installed
Ohlins from the IBMWR list seem to rate them very highly

>2)  Exhaust:	I've had TwoBros exhaust on other bikes and
>			liked the improvement over stock.
>			TwoBros claims that "To make installation even
>			easier the catalytic eliminator exhaust system
>			includes an oxygen sensor bung to accept the fuel
>			injection systems oxygen sensor.  There is no
>			need to readjust or tamper with the FI mapping.
>			Simply install the system and go."
>			True?

True for Staintune.

>			Any performance problems created / 
>			eliminated with the exhaust upgrade?

Many performance improvements touted, but testing does not seem to
confirm the claims.  The following link shows testing with a Remus.  I
have a dyno run (not my bike) with a Staintune showing 2 or 3 HP.  I
doubt 2 bros would perform much different. 

Have a look at:


I put a staintune on to save the weight of the cat.  I like the sound
- - a little louder, but not onnixous.  I wasn't expecting any HP

Is your goal more HP?  

>			Does this upgrade void any 
>			factory warranty?

don't know

>3)  Brake lines:	On previous bikes, I've upgraded the brake lines
>			to stainless steel and liked the improvement over
>			stock.

On my old airhead, they did worlds of improvements.

I'm not sure on oilheads.

>4)  Air filter:	On previous bikes, I've upgraded to K&N.  

see the above link.  Save your money

>5)  Dual plug:	Is it worth the $1,500 (or so) that it will cost to
>			make this mod?

I was going to pull my heads and send them the SJBMW.  It's~$500 if
you go that route.  I got lazy and bought a Techlusion 259.  It has
made a world of difference for about half the $$$.  It takes 30
minutes to install.  

It has had decreased my mileage and I haven't done a thorough study,
but the bike is a ton more fun to ride, so I don't really care what
the impact is.


Wayne Woodruff
Chalfont, PA
2000 BMW R1100R (2ZARS)
1956 Matchless G11 (J86)