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Re: 2002 R1150RT - Recommended Mods

On Monday, Dec 29, 2003, at 11:40 US/Eastern, Tom Brown wrote:

> .  If you're looking for ultimate speed, you really need to buy a
> Hyabusa with some bags and risers.   There is a company that makes a 
> turbo
> kit for R bikes...I think that's ridiculous.

Why is this ridiculous? I think this is THE upgrade (after a set of 
Wilbers shocks) to have. If I had the spare change and newer RS, I 
would go for it.

> Staintune and the conservative Remus setup (not titanium) are both 
> good.
> I'd stay away from CAT removal. Emissions tests are coming soon.   The 
> just put out press releases about motorcycles being dirtier than 
> cars...It
> won't be long.  That's why BMW went to all this new FI and dual plugs.

This all depends on what state/city you live in and how clean the air 
is. Where I live there is no smog inspection for any autos (We have 
clean air).


95 R11RS
88 KRS Special