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RE: Subject: ** 2002 R1150RT -- List of recommended mods **

> The only other change I would make is change the tubes from 
> the airbox to the 
> throttle bodies with ones from an R1100GS. This bolsters 
> torque from idle to 
> 4,000rpms.you will lose 2hp above 7,000rpm.
> Steve Szelestey

While that is/was a common modification for the R1100RS and RT, the 1150's don't
benefit from the change the way the 1100's did.  Same with the suspension.  The
R1150's stockers are much better than the 1100's and it will probably be a lot
more than 9k before you'll notice a vast improvement from aftermarket shocks on
an 1150. 

Davis Eichelberger
SW Virginia
'96 R1100RT


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