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Re: Subject: ** 2002 R1150RT -- List of recommended mods **

> My '94 RS has 85,000 miles (= 135,000 km) on the same original shocks.
> of them leaks and wear is not visible. It is possible that the springs are
> bit compressed, but I am short and shorter springs is not a bad thing.
> Dampening????????
> Is that worth the expense??????
> Bob Silas

what happens to all of us is we adapt.  we adapt to worn tires as well as
tired shocks.  of course we all have had the experience of WOW with new
tires.  trust me, put quality shocks on your bike with a spring rate matched
to your actual riding weight.  until you do, there is no way anyone can
explain to you the immediate and impressive difference it will make.  fully
adjustable is a very good thing if you take the time to make the