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RE: 2002 R1150RT Recommended Mods II

Using GS tubes on an RT or RS is great, but again, this works much 
> better on
> an 1100 than an 1150.  The guys who've tried this from other lists have
> reported pinging at higher RPMs, like in passing situations etc.   Bob
> Lentini blew a hole in a piston after 87K miles.  He advocated 
> mid-grade
> gas, larger valve lash clearances, Autolite spark plugs (which are a 
> bit
> longer than stock) and advanced timing.   I don't know if he used GS 
> tubes
> on his RS, but something he was doing or some combination of what he 
> was
> doing caused a severe problem over time.

<Rob Lentini was also at that time trying to be frugal and burning lower 
octane gas. With advanced timing that is not a good thing.>

Based on Lentini's experience is anyone afraid of the Autolite's?  In my early efforts to eliminate surging they (surprisingly) provided a clear improvement over the stock Bosch plugs.  I've used them ever since.