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Re: Valve Adjustment

In a message dated 12/31/04 1:04:12 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<I'm convinced that these  1150s have a better throttle cable system or 
something.  Whenever I do  older bikes, the reading moves around a bit and I 
have to average things,  but with the Twin Spark, readings stay very 
consistent.     Much quicker to set.

Anyone else noticed this?   I'm curious as  to what the reason might be.   I 
don't see how Twin Spark itself  would have this effect.  I have only set one 
non-Twin Spark 1150, an  RS.  It wandered a bit too.  My '04 has the flattest 
readings I've  ever seen.   It's a Twin Spark RT with the cannister properly  

They have better throttle  bodies.

Tom Cutter