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Re: R1100RTP relays?

 I bought a Kissan module and just replaced the signal module with the new one. It took 5 mins.  It gives you running signal lights at half intensity, front and back, auto canceling of turning signals (adjustable time delay) and hazard lights when you push both signal tabs in the same time.
My friend bought the same for his 2000 GS and for both of us, they work well, no trouble.
Bob Silas
'94 R1100RS

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  From: Brian 
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  Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2005 3:06 PM
  Subject: R1100RTP relays?

  I was tearing apart the tail section of the bike yesterday because I 
  couldn't figure out all the mess of relays and wires.  I found some 
  Siemens relays (I think) #6136-1393-415 & (V23134-K52-x345) 
  6136-2306-888 back there and I've looked all over to find what they are 
  and what they do, are there any gurus out there that might know what 
  they do? Since the bike (99 R1100RTP) doesn't have 4 way flashers I was 
  hoping these might help in making that more of a reality.

  Brian Diver
  Everett, WA