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Re: New Owner....Need Help

In a message dated 1/2/05 10:40:16 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
Ducmotorcycles@xxxxxxx writes:
<<Hi All, I bought a  R1100S this week. I haven't owned a BMW since  selling 
R90/6  thirty-five years ago. My new BMW is a Red 2001 with  9,000 miles, 
loaded with C/F and has Hard Bags. The bags are my  problem, they  weren't 
installed on the bike. I received bags, brackets and  fasteners  with no 
instructions on where the mounts are installed. I'm not even   sure I have 
the right 
mounts. Does anyone have a copy of the instructions  for  the bag mounts they 
scan and E-mail to me? I would really  appreciate the  help!>>

I can totally relate to your dilemma.  I've been a BMW mechanic for 30 years, 
and when i got my R1100S, the bag mounts  were in a box. I stared at them for 
a long time trying to figure out how the  hell they mounted. It's really 
pretty straightforward once it is finished, but  it sure isn't intuitive.

Mine came without instructions so I had to dope  it out. I'd suggest taking a 
look at an installed set for guidance, then it  becomes easier. 

I got a new digital camera for Christmas, but I have to  load the software 
into my computer and get it stet up. I'll take some pics and  send them to you 
later today.

Tom Cutter